The Garden Wall Mosaic

Most of the work was done inside the attic of the Scots International Church Rotterdam during the cold winter months. The completed sections of the design were then later attached to the garden wall like a giant puzzle, linked up and grouted. The wall is in full view of the large playground and the school on ‘Het Landje’ and of the homes and businesses bordering on this landmark. The designs for the mosaics and the metal fence were inspired by the theme ‘Garden in the City’, the legendary Scottish thistle and the colourful expressions of World Folk Art. The designs were made by Wilma van der Meyden and the metal fence was handcrafted by Ruud Klerks from studio Vuur en Vlam in Rotterdam.

Funding for the project came from the Church of Scotland, the City Council of Rotterdam, studio Vuur en Vlam and several individual sponsors. The project is an initiative of the Scots International Church Rotterdam with the goal to transform their large, derelict garden wall, with the help of the neighbourhood and wider community, into an expression of beauty and love.

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