May 2024

🌱’Inside Out’

🌱Transforming a very sad, grimy box through the power of community and mosaic art. 🌱

🌱 This mosaic forms part of the community-driven street art initiative Outside the Box, spearheaded by Yardworks in Glasgow.

🌱 My design for this electrical box is inspired by the flower motifs of tiles in Glasgow’s nineteenth century Wally Closes. Tile art once played an important role in the everyday lives of Glaswegians and sadly many of the mosaics and tile art from Victorian times have been erased from the city.

🌱 Made with pieces of old porcelain, glass and cement adhesive. The white glass shards  are cut from a cheap crockery set which my sons used during their student days.

🌱Location : Next to the Tennent’s Pub on Highburgh Road in Glasgow

December 2023

  • ‘Baltimore Raven’, oil on linen, 50 x 60cm. A painting for a Baltimore Raven fan who turned 30.

November 2023

  • ‘Tyra’, my last memorial painting of 2023.

October 2023

  • ‘Oransay Swallow’ is my contribution to the collaborative project with BAMM members at this years Forum in Youlgreave in the Peak District.
‘Oransay Swallow’, slate from the Isle of Oransay, glass, porcelain and cement adhesive
  • I had the privilege of giving a short presentation at this year’s BAMM Forum ‘Pushing Boundaries’.

September 2023

  • During the month of September I installed 12 Street Swallows in the International Financial Services District in Glasgow. I hope to write about them and post them on my website. Some of them are on my Instagram page @wilma_van_der_meyden

August 2023

  • At the beginning of August I visited Rotterdam to work on The Garden Wall Mosaic. After almost 10 years the mosaic is in a good condition, but in urgent need of some minor repairs. Most of of the damage was at the corners and bottom part of the wall. This was most likely caused by the circular brushes on the small cleaning trucks of the city council. The two relief garden pots were also damaged and needed repairs.

July 2023

South Africa
  • We’ve celebrated my parent’s 80th birthdays in South Africa. The series of 6 portraits which I had painted for them is now on the gallery Painted Portraits.

June 2023

  • I’m working on a series of small paintings depicting family portraits. These will go along to South Africa where we’ll celebrate my parents’ 80th birthdays. I hope to post pictures of the paintings after the event.
  • I’m also working on another series of Urban Mosaics Interventions which I hope to install in Glasgow in September.

May 2023

  • Glasgow Son, a portrait of my son Michael made it into the Longlist of the Scottish Portrait Awards 2023. It is the first mosaic art portrait that has been considered for selection. It is made with glazed ceramic tiles and installed on a cement substrate measuring 50 x 75cm.
Glasgow Son 2023

April 2023

One of my mosaic projects from 2018 is included in Helen Miles‘ fantastic new book ‘Make your own mosaics – ancient techniques to contemporary art’.

Helen has passionately championed the art of mosaic making for many years with her numerous mosaic journal articles, active social media presence, global mosaic connections, extensive mosaic research, accomplished oeuvre and her many mosaic courses. Her depth of knowledge and experience are magnificently reflected in this new book aimed at beginners in mosaic making.

There is a beautiful flow of written and visual information through the book, touching on the history of mosaics, materials, techniques, tools and a series of practical projects with detailed instructions and helpful tips. At the heart of the book are three chapters on ‘Learning from the Ancients’ in which Helen shares her deep love for and wisdom gained from ancient mosaics.

Helen is a highly skilled communicator and her generous spirit and lovely sense of humour shine throughout the book. She managed to condense her vast knowledge and experience of mosaic art into a visually stunning book. It is accessible to all, very helpful for beginners in mosaic making as well as a real treat for accomplished artists.

‘Make your own mosaics’  is simply a beautiful book and a unique, generous contribution to the world of Mosaic Art.

March 2023

  • My exhibition of paintings Nesting 2020 at Nicolls was a wonderful celebration of connection and reflection and I’m grateful for the huge support from family, friends and the Glasgow community. Seventeen paintings found new homes.
565 Dumbarton Road
  • The exhibition at Nicolls Gallery is to continue during the following opening times:
  • Thornwood Mosaics is a series of twelve mosaics nestled in selected locations around Nicolls Gallery. A printed map of all the mosaics will be available at the gallery.
‘Swallow’ at Nicolls
Black hats with David and David at Glasgow City Mission

February 2023

  • I’m currently working on a series of mosaic urban interventions named ‘Thornwood Mosaics’ to install in the vicinity of Nicolls Gallery in Glasgow in time for the opening of my solo show ‘Nesting 2020’. The series of paintings which I had made during Lockdown will be exhibited in the beautiful, intimate space of the gallery from 17 March to 26 March. This time coincides with the third anniversary of the start of the UK Lockdown as well as the third birthday of Nicolls. The Opening of the exhibition is on Friday 17 March and all the paintings will be for sale.

January 2023

  • Urban Bloom features in the latest issue of Grout – a publication by the Brittish Association for Modern Mosaics.

  • The Urban Art Class at Glasgow City Mission has resumed and folk are so happy to be back in the friendly community. For some the Christmas break has been particularly challenging.
Urban Art Class at Glasgow City Mission

December 2022

  • A festive Art Viewing of work from the Urban Art Class at Glasgow City Mission took place midday on Tuesday 20 December in the historic Grand Ballroom at Sloans in Glasgow. A slideshow celebrating 18 artists at work as well as a selection of their art pieces were on display. The event was very well attended and the artist sold 17 artworks. In the evening Across The Board hosted a hugely successful night in the Sub Club in Glasgow to raise funds for the ongoing work at GCM.
GCM Urban Art Viewing in the Grand Ballroom at Sloans

November 2022

  • The inaugural exhibition of the UK scarf for the global project Mosaic for Afghan Women will take place at Creative Stirling from 17 November until 1 December. The public launch is on Wednesday evening, the 16th at 6pm. Mosaicists from all countries are invited to draw inspiration from the colours, patterns, and textures of beautiful traditional Afghan dresses to create a long scarf to honour Afghan culture.
  • Taking part in the exhibition Creative Resilience: Scene but not Heard at Yardlife Gallery and Acid Bar Gallery in Glasgow. The exhibition brings together the work from 25 artists across a variety of disciplines to ‘celebrate the creativity of rebelliousness and experimentation connected with Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti and Urban Intervention Art.’ I’ll be exhibiting four new mosaic interventions and a mosaic seat from 2021.

June 2022

  • Celebrating Urban Bloom…a tile mosaic for Glasgow, inspired by Glasgow…Located in the public thoroughfare under a railway arch at SWG3 in the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District. The mosaic is made from Cesi frost proof tiles and sits on a rendered brick wall.
Urban Bloom 2022
  • The installation of the mosaic mural Urban Bloom was completed on the last day of May.
Installing Urban Bloom at SWG3 in Glasgow

May 2022

  • Making progress on the mosaic Urban Bloom for an arched wall at SWG3 in Glasgow. I’m aiming to have the mosaic completed and installed at the beginning of June, in time for the international graffiti, street art and design festival Yardworks 18-19 June.
detail of Urban Bloom in progress
  • The Urban Art Class at Glasgow City Mission is continuing on Friday mornings and I enjoy teaching the 10-12 participants with the help of two volunteers. The class is structured to allow each member to work on a unique project according to their preference and ability. The artworks range from drawing in a variety of mediums, painting on paper and canvas, ceramics and collage.

April 2022

  • Work on the mosaic Urban Bloom for a wall at SWG3 started in my studio at the end of April.
Urban Bloom in progress
  • During the month I have installed several ‘mosaic interventions’ on the streets of Glasgow. Most of them in secret and anonymous, but for some I have posted images on Instagram.
Intervention at Easter
  • The Arboretum at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens is a beautiful ‘haven’. I am enjoying fresh Spring mornings there, drawing in my sketchbook and being immersed in all the gifts of sight, sound and smell it has to offer.
sketchbook drawing at Glasgow Arboretum
  • At the beginning of April I submitted a design for a large scale wall mosaic at SWG3 in Glasgow. The idea for the design is inspired by a mosaic detail in the ceiling of the Glasgow City Chambers, the Wally Closes of Glasgow tenement buildings, the plants growing in old stone walls, white and yellow street markings and the powerful visual language of mosaic – transforming the broken into the beautiful.
design sketch for Urban Bloom

March 2022

  • Constellations, an international exhibition of cutting-edge contemporary mosaics runs from 21 March until 24 April in Chester Cathedral. I’m thrilled to take part in this exhibition with a site-specific sculpture called Between Heaven and Earth.
  • Ethereal is part of the Constellations exhibition in Chester Cathedral. This collaborative site-specific installation exists of more than 400 bottle top mosaics, sent to Chester from around the world. I enjoyed being part of the team who installed the amazing collection of art works.
Ethereal‘, detail

February 2022

  • My latest memorial painting commission is completed and sent off to Singapore. The portrait is in oil on linen and measures 50 x 60cm.
Happy‘, oil on linen, 50 x 60 cm
  • This 10 x 20cm mosaic is my contribution to the project Mosaic for Afghan Women. Mosaicists from all countries are invited to draw inspiration from the colours, patterns, and textures of beautiful traditional Afghan dresses to create a long scarf to honour Afghan culture.
Bird‘, 20 x 20cm, porcelain tiles

January 2022

  • The Urban Art Class at Glasgow City Mission has resumed on Friday mornings and I enjoy teaching the 10-15 participants with the help of two volunteers. The class is structured to allow each member to work on a unique project according to their preference and ability. The artworks range from drawing in a variety of mediums, painting on paper and canvas, ceramics and collage.
Urban Art, Gllasgow City Mission
  • Another memorial painting commission from a client in Singapore came in this month. Once I have received sufficient references to work from, I hope to commence the painting in February.
  • The site-specific mosaic sculpture Between Heaven and Earth for the Constellations exhibition in the Chapter House of Chester Cathedral is now completed and the accompanying text and images are submitted. The exhibition is due to open on 22 March and will be up and running until 24 April 2022.
Between Heaven and Earth‘, mosaic sculpture detail
  • A work session entitled Collaborate with the WildArt Garden is being planned for university students as part of the Glasgow Goes Green event in February 2022. During the session students will be making collage art works in paper and paint with surface textures, patterns and shapes harvested directly from the University of Glasgow’s Wildlife Garden. 
  • The portrait Installation in the Trees is long listed for the Scottish Portrait Awards and currently in their online exhibition. The inspiration for this painting on wood came while assisting artists Louise McVey and Agnes Jones with an installation in the Wildlife Garden of the University of Glasgow. Louise is a ceramic artist and singer song-writer, best known for her street art in Glasgow and beyond. She has been collaborating with Agnes, a blacksmith in Glasgow, in making art for public spaces.
Installation in the Trees‘ (Street artist Louise McVey), oil on wood, 136 x 90cm, 2021