Prinsjesdag in Blauw en Goud 2015

An art installation in the Atrium The Hague City Hall

25 August – 15 September 2015

Prinsjesdag is the annual event when the King addresses both houses of parliament in The Hague. During the 3 weeks leading up to Prinsjesdag  on 15 September, visitors to the Atrium in the City Hall were greeted by a larger-than-life painted parade, representing people from all walks of life taking part in Prinsjesdag festivities. Visitors became  part of the parade, as they walked along the royal blue carpet through the Atrium.

This art installation consists of 52 sketches in oil on wooden panels. Each panel is 3 metres tall and 1.5 metres wide. The figures are painted expressively using a limited colour range of blues with gold accents on white backgrounds. These panels, facing each other across the mezzanine over the atrium, call to mind two giant friezes – visually linked to each other by the royal blue carpet.  Black cast-iron benches from the Lange Voorhout, are placed in the atrium space as part of the piece, serving as a direct link to the majestic lane along which the Golden Carriage moves from the Noordeinde Palace to the Binnenhof each year on Prinsjesdag, the third Tuesday in September.

The work was designed and constructed specifically for this site in response to an invitation from the foundation Atrium City Hall to create a celebratory and visual expression of Prinsjesdag for the public to enjoy. The concept has its roots in a series of small oil paintings  which I have painted in 2011 based on my first impressions of Prinsjesdag. These paintings were exhibited in Galerie Schippers.

An artist’s quiz was there for children to enjoy and enhance their interaction with the artwork.

A special thank-you for support goes to  Atrium City HallLetter Z Design, Events Team City Council The Hague, Rainbow Corner Books, Carrie Swartz Design and Francois Hendrickx Photography

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All the paintings are for sale. Contact me for information.